Boycott Spain, a third world pervert sickness

Boycott Spain, a third world pervert sickness

Please, join the campaign to boycott Spain and to spread information about horrible crimes happening in Spain all the time! I bring some of these things to a common European knowledge and request everyone to avoid travelling to Spain and not to buy Spanish products. I can understand Gibraltars with their desperate will to keep “follaburros” away from their society and this blog enlightens devastating, third world barbaric unjustice and official sickness a little bit wider. Most of the following cases are widely published in Spanish media, but silenced everywhere else. You just could not have imagined these thing have happened and happen in Europe!



Parents do not have access to the records of the hospitals

During the decades of Franco’s rule and also after it, until 2010 and maybe even further, public estimation is that about 300 000 new born babies were stolen from their parents in Spanish, Catholic hospitals all over the country. Parents were shown a frozen body of some dead or killed baby, and parents were told their baby died in a childbirth. This was systematic, happened all over the country and nuns, doctors, judges, social service and other officials took part in a child robbery. Later on some of the graves were opened, being empties. Babies were sold to an illegal adoption and probably also to ritual murder sessions, taken account many ritual murder cases in Spain,  for example case Alcasser, which will be presented in this article as well.

Only one person, nun Sor Maria was charged for this wide, decades long child robbery which included a whole country, and later she was just declared dead. Doctor Vela is another publicly known child robber who had many frozen bodies of the babies in his stores. Latest known child robbery case happened in 2010 in Lugo, Calicia  where judges, social service, Catholic nuns, doctors and Eastern mafia stole new born babies from mainly foreign mothers, who were pressured to give their children for adoption or to sign papers without knowing the content of the signed text. They were for example cheated to think that paper was for leaving the hospital, but it was for giving a baby for an illegal adoption. It is not known if any of that child robber scum has been charged in Lugo. The most revealing is, that judges and other officials were/ are included.

Spanish commoners are not capable to clean their society, a political  and a judicial system of a pervert and corrupt sickness, which includes even a “monarchy”. Instead they shout for united Spain, when vomiting Catalans want their freedom being tired to finance a garbage.



Numerous robbed, disappeared children, mostly for torture and ritual murders. One of the most disgusting cases is Alcasser case. Corrupt and pervert judicial system protects criminals, forming part of the Spanish third world sickness.

Three 14-15 years old girls disappeared one Friday night, 13th of November 1992 in Alcasser, Valencia, and were found months later in a distant place in a mountain near an abandoned cabin called “La Romana”. Bodies of the girls showed signs of very bad and unhuman torture and mass rape. They were victims of the satanic ritual murders. They were raped also with masonic objects like the cross of Caravaca, which was the Templar Knights’ symbol, but nowadays used by Freemasons, and used in a way which is not European indeed.


Murdered girls Miriam García Iborra (in the middle), Antonia “Toñi” Gómez Rodríguez (on the right) and Desirée Hernández Folch (on the left)


Miguel Ricart and Antonio Angles

Two scapegoats, little thiefs from the village near by were sentenced for rapes and murders, though none of the 7- 12 DNAs found in the bodies of the girls were theirs. One of them, Antonio Angles was probably murdered and some of his remains were found in the same place where the bodies of the girls were placed. Officially he is at large. Another one of the scapecoats, Miquel Ricart sat in prison totally isolated and was released few years ago, only because of the sentence of the EU court.

Two autopsies were conducted on the girls, both containing discrepencies within the details, as well as official reports directly contradicting witness statements from the evening of the girls’ disappearance. DNA reports stated that pubic hairs from seven different individuals had been collected from the bodies, none of which belonged to the girls themselves nor the alleged perpetrators. It wasn’t until the father of one of the girls, Fernando Garcia, pointed out these inconsistencies, too numerous to list, and the possible connection to high-ranking officials within the Spanish government and local law enforcement that the case began to receive national attention.

The corpses did not have any cadaveric livideces, indicating that they were bled from their blood before death. Only one infamous sect has practiced the blood rite and ritual murder in Europe through the centuries. Drained bodies of murdered children has been found in Ucrania and Russia as well. Drained and burned bodies of five little boys were found in a well in Krasnoyarsk, Russia. The boys disappeared in Easter time and their bodies were found in May. There is a large Hasidic community in Krasnoyarsk. Vladimir Salamatov, the lawyer representing the interests of the parents of the murdered children told the paper that 5 independent expertise confirmed the lack of hemoglobin (red substance in human blood) in all burnt bodies. “I am sure that it was a ritual murder with exsanguinations” (…) Evgeny Kazantsev, the Head of Untraditional Religious Groups Monitoring Center, agrees that it was a ritual murder.

The bodies of the Alcasser case had a clothing corresponding to the clothing of the girls, but there are some contradictories in the form of one skull. According to the first autopsy one skull was innately badly deformed, but none of the girls had had deformed skull. Up to this date, DNA tests are not made to identify the body parts. Some bones found in a place correspond to missing bones of Soledad Donoso, ritually murdered a couple of months earlier in Gordoba.

Inconsistencies in this case started from the beginning, when, according to the friend of the girls, Ester Diez, the girls came to see her and then left. She was the last person to see them and she gave five different times for the leaving and there are many other contadictories in her story as well. Also her mother gave another, different time for the girls’ leaving, which was hours earlier to Ester’ s five different statements. According to one article, family of Diez is a convert marrano family, which “has kept its secret for 500 years”. There is also a synagoga in the small village of Alcasser, which might explain a weird inconsistence in witness statements.

According to the president of ADL,  B’nai B’rith of Spain,  each synagogue, each Jewish school in Spain, has a so- called order service that supports security in direct contact with police and Civil Guard. In Spain, it began operating 18 years ago, when groups of young volunteers traveled to Israel to be formed by the Mossad. “It’s like a military service volunteered by our young people.”

According to an old article of La Provincia (now removed from the web, at least I coud not find it anymore), then king Juan Carlos was visiting Nato forces with his son, now the king of Spain,  13th of November 1992 in the port of Alicante, on the same day the girls disappeared. It is interesting, that the wrists of the girls were binded using a typical node of the military. Coincidence or not, rabbi Gabriel Lopez de Rojas from Barcelona, a publicly declared satanist, had ordered a Freemason meeting for the same day 13th of November. 

Other significant coincidence for that date is that on April 28, 1992, the Minister of Justice, authorized for this purpose by the Council of Ministers,  signed the State Cooperation Agreement with the Federation of Spanish Communities of Spain (FCI), which is to govern the cooperation relations of the Spanish State with Communities of Jewish confession established in Spain, integrated in that Federation and inscribed in the Register of Religious Entities.                                                                  

  • Date of readmission: 10/11/1992
  • Date of publication: 12/11/1992
  • Entry into force on 13 November 1992.

Lopez de Rojas has been very active in Freemasonry. “In 1995, rabbi and satanist Gabriel Lopez de Rojas founded Illuminati Order in Barcelona (Spain). Then, he elaborated the Operative Rite of Bavarian Illuminated of Illuminati Order. In 2001, he founded Societas OTO (Ordo Templi Orientalis) and elaborated the Operative Rite of Memphis-Misra?m of Societas OTO. Gabriel Lopez de Rojas is 33; of Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite”. Atleast this rite obviously includes ritual murders. The past king Juan Carlos and his son are reportedly also 33. Freemasons and of  Jewish Idumean stock, in other words they are Borbons only by name. According to the Spanish historians these Spanish “Borbons” descend from Jew called Molto- Puig, a stud worker of Alfonso XIII. Juan Carlos is not any noble person indeed. He shot his brother “by accident” to get the crown. There were rumours about his murdered lovers who had gotten pregnant and had to be wiped out from the stage. He has also stolen valuable paintings from Prada and smuggled them out of the country. His daughter has been sentenced for tax fraude and for steeling public money etc.

A good friend of this third world mulato Juan Carlos, Luis Solana, a brother of Javier Solana, ex- Nato chief, has been connected to Alcasser case.  Fernando Garcia, who is a father of one murdered girl, brought names of the real suspects in public, and what was the result? He was sentenced to pay a high fine and 7 mysterious DNA in the bodies of the girls were never investigated. That is how the Spanish sick and pervert third world “justice” works. Do not put your money to support that third world sickness by travelling there. The “State Cooperation Agreement” is nothing else than an agreement to cover systematic and brutal crimes, even participate in them.

During four months in the end of 1992, at least five children or young people were tortured and ritual murdered in a same manner.  In reality there were more cases, disappeared girls, but only five bodies were found. Soledad Donoso in Gordoba and Maria del Carmen Rivas were murdered in a same manner and most likely their murders are related to those of Alcasser, even if scapegoats have been sentenced for their murders in a typical Spanish manner: The corpse of Soledad Donoso appeared in Cordoba, dressed, lying on the right side with a flexed leg, the head turned into a skull, separated from the body and without part of the scalp, with the jaw separated from the skull, without the right hand and without the four first cervical vertebrae. There were two cervical vertebrae of a woman of less than 21 years, the distal epiphysis of a right arm radius and a hair (or part of it) besides those of the three young Alcasser girls. These found parts did not belong to any of the Alcasser girls. Similarities especially between the corpses of Soledad Donoso and Desiré Hernández were obvious. Desiré was  dressed, lying on the right side and with her legs flexed, her head turned into a skull separated from the body and the scalp detached, with the jaw separated from the skull, without the left hand (the bones of the carpal, metacarpals, and disseminated phalanges, as well as several cervical vertebrae).

Spanish “investigation” is a sick joke. Spanish moral, professional and intellectual level is so low that it horrifies that kind of people exist and terrorize people in Europe. Objects (a watch etc.) and hair found near the body of Soledad disappeared. They were taken by officials, because these objects were in the court office at the time of their disappearance. All that Spanish judicial officials did to solve the case of Soledad was to steel the evidences.

Experts say that there are currently more than fifty satanic sects on Spanish territory, mainly in Barcelona, Valencia and Madrid. There are different types of groups, some more secret and others more dangerous than the other. Wealthy supporters of Luciferian sects hail Luciger as a symbol of knowledge and wisdom. ‘Satanic’ sects as it were profess a marked rejection of social institutions, consume substances and practise orgies. In last place comes the most dangerous sects, Los Adoradores de Seth (‘Seth’s Lovers’) aka Amigos de Lucifer (Lucifer’s Friends). This group is known for its kidnappings, sexual abuses and assassinations.



This sickness is institutionalized from the bottom to the top of the society. These African and Middle Eastern low minds admire ancient Aryan – Kemi- Egyptian names and culture, using the names and symbols of ancient Kemi- Egyptian, obviously without knowing that these ancient ruling people were white Aryan, not Idumean, Molochian goat keepers. Spanish people have 20- 50 % of Idumean or African genes in their genoma, and this fact reflects to all aspects of their society. Do not support that satanic sickness, child abduction and torture, which is institutionalized and so common in Spain. They also falsify official informs in the best Soviet style to try to make you seem as a criminal or even mentally instable if you critize child robbery. Police ignores crime reports made of their false informs. They even falsify “Egyptian” archeological objects in their third world need as did for example Eliseo Gil, Spanish archeologist (studied in Segovia) with his team in the site of Iruña Veleia, Navarra.

Spanish third world garbage falsifies official informs and even archeological objects in a way European people cook. It is normal, common way to them whenever their sick, retard and pervert needs demand it and whenever they feel their third world sickness is threatened.

Avoid travelling there and do not waste your money to support illegal and criminal third world mafia. There are children suffering, being kept like hostages, not able to see their mothers because of illegal, falsified informs that carbage produces to try to maintain an illusion about their satanic, sick follakids and follaburros society. They do not have any moral. They are not like you or I, but a child abusing, lying garbage. Do not travel there or buy their products, please. 



It would take a book to list all the horrific cases happening continuously in Spain, without any real investigation, like the case of ” the abductor of Ciudad Lineal”. According to witnesses, many different looking men were abducting children, they moved by different cars and were definitively more than one person. This happened 2014- 2015. Before the wave of kidnapping, the cameras of the buildings and shops were ordered to turn to the ground by officials just in that part of the city. Such a coincidence indeed. Certain group of the National Police investigated (“investigated”) the case and did not share any information (“information”) with other police officers or Guardia Civil, which was highly critized. Little girls were abducted, drugged, raped and then thrown to some place. One of them was seriously injured in a rape and fought for her life later in a hospital. This continued for months in clear daylight, with people around, in the parks and streets of Madrid, a capital of the criminal, illegal, sick and pervert garbage called Spain. One scapegoat, at least not the main abducter called Ortiz Martinez, was sentenced for 70 years and according to the Spanish court he was the only actor of the events, even if witnesses talked about many different looking men and this scapegoat was proven to be somewhere else when girls were thrown to the street after raping. This case, among many others, was obviously arranged by state officials and with their seal of approval, because the cameras were ordered to turn down just before ” the action” started. But, case is closed, media had published a photo of “the abductor” determining “the guilty” already before the trial and sick garbage goes on with its crimes.



Spanish Halloween third world party in Madrid, five dead. It was a Halloween party lead by Steve Aoki in 2012. Killings were carefully planned and circumstancies were arranged to make the killings/ dyings seem as “accidents”, or it was just a normal Spanish retard third world way to do the things. The deaths of the 5 women were supposedly due to injuries from “trauma by crushing, possibly having suffered a fall and being trampled. As videocameras did not work, thus it is difficult to say if the dead girls were pushed in purpose or by accident.

Spanish way to arrange Halloween or any parties for the teens: Segurity guards sold alcohol to teens outside.The capacity of the pavilion was for 10,620 people, but the promoter sold 16,791 tickets. After those 1679, several thousand persons more entered to the pavilion. At the end they were 23 000 persons inside.  Cameras installed were toy cameras, without recording anything. There were several avalanches before the deadly but of course they were not seen by the head of video surveillance. Deputy doors were locked and closed. Nobody got out. The five cameras of a vomitory were also empty and did not record. Doctors did not know how to do the necessary resuscitation maneuvers.

Cristina Arce and Katia Esteban died inside, while Rocío Oña, Belén Langdon and Teresa Alonso died within a few hours or days in a hospital. They were between 17 and 20 years old. The cause of death was crushing. It took about half an hour to release vomitorio number 5 and be able to rescue the victims. Apart from the dead, ten people were injured in various ways.

Are you still surprised tourists get food poisoned in Spanish hotels?


One more case, among many others, is that small children, of the ages 9 and 10 are kept like hostages in Spain. Their father has a custody of the children, which is based on the false inform by an unprofessional, typical Spanish psyco social team. The false inform has been reported to the Guardia Civil of Segovia, Spain, but it has been totally silenced. The psyco-social team was named by judge Beatrice Rico, who works in the court no 6 in Segovia. Little girl, who lived with her father at the age of 5, had to stand continuous fights of her father and her uncle. Both are obviously mentally ill, but only the uncle has diagnoses of his three different mental disorders. One of the many serious fights between those Spanish “people” happened at a birthday party of the child, in which took part only relatives. Spanish garbage started to fight, throwing furnitures and acting madly. At the birthday party of the 5-year- old child! At the end there came nine Guardia Civils to separate the garbage and took the uncle away, because of a lying grandmother, who had said to the police that the uncle started the fight, but in reality it was the father of the child, based on the knowlegde of one relative who was present.

Spanish psyco-social team did not see anything strange in the father. According to them he was just perfect, just fine to have a custody, because the mother had ignored the jugde and kept the child away from the father after noticing the child was totally traumatized and cried not to be returned to her father. Pervert judge Beatrice Rico has demanded a mother to come to Spain to be able to see her children, because mother did not pay to the father. Children have told, that they cannot sleep, they have awaken at nights because their father and his girlfriend shout at nights doing “tsiqi tsiqi”. Still, the children have to wake up at 6 o’clock in the morning, because their school and a work shop of their father are in another town. They return to their disgusting home at 19.00 in the evening and other one is so tired, that goes directly to sleep without having a dinner. Sick and pervert Spanish garbage thinks this is good and beneficial life for children and there is nothing wrong in their sick garbage society.

The psyco-social team has been reported to the police for their false inform in which they ignored the answers of the child, about child abusing and causing danger to the children, as well as the father and the grandmother, causing real danger to the children in the party etc. And nothing. Spanish third world garbage police ignores systematically all the reports made. Kids are held like hostages in Spain. This is not any isolated case, but this has happened and happens all the time to many people. One mother, Ángela González Carreño made 45 reports to the police- and nothing happened. Her child was killed by the father of the child because of negligence of  Spanish garbage judge. She took the case to UN court and finally Spain got sentenced. But it did not bring her killed child back.

Boycott Spain! Do not finance sick, child abusing garbage! Free Europe of the third world garbage! Free children! 

save children